Guide to Solving Copyright Infringement and Sampling

You open TikTok for a little mindless entertainment...

You’re swiping through videos when you stop on a dance.

There’s something familiar about the music...

“Wait… That’s my song!” You feel a wave of elation “Is my song blowing up on TikTok?”

But it’s not right… and your excitement immediately turns to dread.

It’s not your song. But it’s clearly the synth part from your hook. It’s such a unique sound there’s no way anyone could recreate it. But here it is in a different song, with a different singer, and different arrangement.

You scroll over to look at the original audio. It’s an original song by an artist named “Riley Kerry”. 

They have 1.2m TikTok followers, and the song they uploaded already has 8,000 TikTok videos.

You look them up on Spotify and see they get 630,000 monthly listeners, and they just released their song featuring your synth hook 3 weeks ago. You do more digging and find out they’re on all streaming platforms, and even have a music video on YouTube that already has 150,000 views.

You watch with a sinking heart as Riley dances around in their music video, singing their lyrics over your hook.

You hit up your producer, “Dude! Someone stole the synth hook from one of my songs! It’s on their latest release and all over TikTok!”

“Really? What song? Who stole it?” he asks.

You tell him and wait for his response.

“Holy shit, you’re right! That’s definitely your synth part, isn’t it?”

It really happened. Someone stole one of your tracks and used it in their original song.

So the question is... What do you do now?

In this short "No Fluff" Guide:

You discover an artist named Riley Kerry has sampled one of your songs and is getting impressive independent success with your music.

Written with artists in mind, “HELP! Someone Stole My Music” boils down the complexity of the music business into clear and concise concepts.

“Ben’s simplified explanations of copyrights completely changed my whole perspective of how ownership in the music industry works. Nobody else has explained it so easily.”
Matt Felton

“HELP! Someone Stole My Music” is short enough to read in an afternoon, and jam packed with the key concepts that separate music hobbyists from music professionals.

In only a few short hours, not only will you be able to stop anyone who stole and sampled your music – you’ll also have the ultimate foundational knowledge behind music ownership.


You’re scrolling through TikTok when you come across Riley Kerry, an artist who stole a synth sound from one of your songs and is receiving excellent independent success.

Using a simple old school example of buying and selling CD’s, Ben reveals the single most “Aha!” moment: Copyrights are simply the rights to make copies of your work!

While “songwriter” and “performing artist” appear the same, legally they’re very different. Ben explains how the most confusing aspect of the music business happens when an artist writes their own songs.

The most important step for anyone intending to release music. In this section Ben explains the benefits of registering your copyrights. He debunks the “Poor Man’s Copyright”, and offers clear explanations for every step of registration the process.

Thanks to pioneering by Hip Hop artists, Ben explains how copyright owners have the ultimate power and authority over how their music can be used.

While theoretical concepts are great, what actually happens in the real world is sometimes a different story. In this section Ben breaks down the realities of copyright protection.

This section is a summary of the most significant laws for protecting copyright owners on the internet. Ben focuses on the most important parts that directly relate to you.

In this section Ben shows examples ranging from what you’re most likely to encounter to least likely to encounter, and provides the thought processes behind picking the best solutions for each scenario.

This section reveals what actually happens in copyright infringement cases. Ben explains the most common arguments used by lawyers in music lawsuits. He also reveals how knowledge of these arguments can change your approach to selling your music.

The best part of winning is choosing your prize. While taking a fat settlement check is a possibility, it isn’t the only option. Ben outlines additional licensing options that often happen underneath the hood.

There’s still one loose end: What happens with Riley Kerry? In this section, Ben takes out our villain with a sneaky technique that winds up granting you 100% ownership of Riley’s new song.

Ben reiterates the most important aspects of this book, and explains a new way for you fund your music career using your newly developed knowledge of copyright ownership.





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